Baby's First Plane Ride...5 Tips for Flying with Baby (Benadryl included)

My Dad recently turned 60 and we decided to surprise him with a visit home to celebrate. It was also baby girl’s first plane ride! And let me tell you, Momma was STRESSED. I was very excited about surprising Dad and Amri getting to meet her family, but I was also very anxious. The last couple times I flew, I was pregnant. And between not being able to breathe well (yay pregnancy!) and the worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced, I managed to have two (possibly three) panic attacks! So, on top of worrying about traveling with a 10 month old, I was worried I’d freak out and try to jump out of the plane. (Not really, but maybe.)

Thankfully, I didn’t attempt any mid-flight escapes. And baby girl did great, too! Here are a few things that helped us have a good flight with our wild child.

1. Schedule Flight Times around baby’s naptime

Both flights (to and from) were at 9 am, which is right around Amri’s first nap. So, by the time we were taking off, she was asleep or well on her way. *insert praise hands* I will admit, we didn’t plan the times this way, we just lucked up. However, next time we fly I will definitely keep this in mind.

2. Nurse or Bottle Feed during takeoff

If it works out, I think feeding baby during takeoff really helps. I read that it can help reduce ear discomfort from the elevation changes. Amri didn’t appear to have any discomfort, but it could be because I nursed her during those times. It also helped her to fall asleep.

3. New Toys

Bringing a favorite toy that you know is a winner is always a great idea. However, I think the novelty of having something completely new to your baby helps to keep them interested/distracted during the flight. My husband bought Amri three new toys that we introduced one at a time during the flight. It was helpful to say the least.

4. Two Extra Hands

I can’t tell you how helpful it was to be able to pass Amri back and forth between her Dad and I during the flight. After our flight home, I thought about what I would have done if I had gone alone. I’m sure I would have made it work, but I would’ve been even more exhausted. I know it’s not always possible, but if you can, definitely travel with a buddy.

5. Chill & Benadryl

I’m realizing that I’m far from the queen of chill. I always worry about bothering people and being considerate. I had to keep reminding myself to chill. the. hell. out. Babies fuss and cry sometimes and most people are pretty understanding. Just do your best and if someone gets their panties in a bunch about your angel crying, offer them some Benadryl. ;-)

Do you have any tips for flying with babies or toddlers? What’s your biggest source of anxiety when it comes to flying?