Affordable Art that Won't Break the Bank

I looovvveee beautiful art. I also looovvveee my coins, and I’d like to keep as many of them in my pocket as possible. When I was getting to the point in my life that I could actually start investing in great original art….BAM!….pregnant. LOL Just because most of our funds are reserved for diapers and onsies, doesn’t mean we no longer enjoy awesome art. There are other ways to incorporate great pieces of art in your home without breaking into baby’s piggy bank.

Art prints are my jam. And there are several sites dedicated to this type of affordable art. Society6,, and even Etsy. These are a great for filling your home with awesome pieces at great prices.

Kalemba I: This piece is from  Society6  by the artist  Willian Santiago

Kalemba I: This piece is from Society6 by the artist Willian Santiago

Thrift stores are another good source. You could find some old 70s or 80s art that still looks great today. You may even luck up and find some unappreciated original art.

Keep an eye out for art and antique fairs. Many times you’ll find beautiful and interesting pieces for low prices. I found the piece below a few years back at the famous Round Top Antiques Fair here in Texas. I don’t think it was more than $15. It’s an advertisement for varicose veins stockings cut out from a 1930s French magazine. Sounds weird, I know! But I love the vibe.

Art is an essential part of decorating your home. And good art is no longer just for those with thousands of dollars to spend. I think supporting great art and artists is important and will definitely be purchasing some original pieces in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more low cost high style steals.