It's Friday and I'm Feeling... Green Cabinets!

I debated on whether to add this topic to my latest “favorite trend” post, but I decided that I was feeling it so much that I’d just dedicate a Friday post to Green. It seems like every day I see a post with the color green front and center. And many times it is on kitchen cabinets! I’ve been loving green walls for a couple of years now, but this green cabinet trend really threw me for a loop. Apparently it is the design look I never knew I needed. Let’s rundown some of my favorite looks of late…

I love that this Farrow & Ball green (Studio Green) is super dark and moody. It almost looks black, but the hint of green makes it much more special to me.

This army green looks great with pops of brass, coral, or orange.

I don’t usually go for the boldly sleek look, but this kitchen just does it for me. This shade of green in a high gloss finish gives just enough quirk for my taste.

I’ve always loved industrial interiors and this vintage look tile just adds to the charm.

I haven’t seen much of this blue-green color. So, I wanted to give this look a little shoutout. The scallop print cabinet doors are also an interesting choice. And I like interesting.

If you’re a bold one and want to give your kitchen a green update, here are a few of my favorite greens to try out:

What do you think about this green trend? Love it? Hate it? Let me know your thoughts.