5 Design Trends I'm Loving Right Now

“It’s gotta stop my heart.”

I often have conversations with myself. (Don’t judge. So do you.) I said the above during the conversation while searching for design inspiration for this post. After I said it, I realized how poignant it was. I was describing how I feel when I see design that hits all my checkpoints. My breath catches in my chest a bit and it feels like my heart stops for a second. Dramatic- Yes! But True! LOL And while this quote definitely fits when talking about my love of design, I realized that it can (and should) also be applied to many aspects of life. Some things we just have to do in life, but there are other things that we do just because we don’t want to disappoint other people. When it comes to those things, I’m challenging myself to only do what stops my heart. What gives me those excited jitters. And I challenge you, too! Now, on to the reason you’re here…

I love a good trend. It can bring a freshness to design. Something to get excited about. Of course, it can get overdone and stale eventually, but when it’s hot, it’s hot! I say indulge your appetite for a trend you love. If it makes you happy, why not? It’s just décor. Budget wisely and you can change it later down the line. Here are 5 current trends that give my little heart pause.

Half Painted Walls

*Le Sigh* I’ve seen this trend slowly gain momentum over the last couple years. It seems to be at an all time high right now, and I am here for it! This is a different and artsy take on the accent wall. It can be simple and clean, but I honestly prefer a more avant garde application like painting over a door or artwork.

Wallpaper in the Loo

This is a long-lasting trend that I’m still not bored with, yet. And for obvious reasons…when done well, it’s gorgeous.

Natural Wood Stain

Light and natural wood color is becoming increasingly popular lately. I, myself, am a huge fan. The inspiration photos below are more than enough proof as to why that is.

source  SERIOUSLY?? This stopped my heart for sure. Sarah Sherman Samuel is a design goddess.

source SERIOUSLY?? This stopped my heart for sure. Sarah Sherman Samuel is a design goddess.

Earth Tones

Pinterest and IG are littered with gorgeous earthy colors. Bedding, wall color, dinnerware, etc. It’s everywhere. The warmth of these colors brings me such comfort and makes me think of subtle, modern versions of 70’s interiors.

Minimalist Organic Art

Abstract art has many looks, but my favorite is definitely the minimalist, geometric and organic style. This may be trending, but I don’t think I’ll ever be over it.

What are your favorite trends of the moment? Any of these trends hitting you in the heart?