Small Entry, Big Impact

The entry to a home always feels like an introduction to me. Although the usual goal is “Welcome!”, sometimes it says, “What are you doing here?”, “Who invited you?”, “Were we expecting company??”, or *shrugs* “I guess you can come in.” Small entries are notoriously absent from the welcome wagon. However, just because you have a tiny entryway doesn’t mean you should skip the welcome. Here’s how you can teach your home’s small entry some manners.


Even a small rug can up an entry’s coziness. It doesn’t have to be purely utilitarian, either. A patterned rug can add color and style. *Tip: Add a rug outside of the door to do the bulk of shoe cleaning. You want the interior rug to stay pretty as long as possible.

Console Table or Shelf

A console table can create a moment when you first enter a home. You can style it with a lamp, candles, greenery, etc. If your space is too small for even the smallest console tables, a shelf could do the trick. You can still add some style here. Just think smaller and thinner when it comes to accessorizing.

A Mirror or other wall art

I love a mirror in an entry. I like to give myself the once over before I head out into the world with kale in my teeth. Art is also a great option. The lean and layer look or a gallery wall tend to impress.

Something Tall

Objects of varying heights bring interest to a space. A lamp or other decorative object would be good here, but your tall item can be art, as well.

Decorative Objects

Here’s your chance to show your style. Add a couple of books with a beautiful paperweight on top.

Something Practical

A gorgeous entry is great, but it also needs to serve a purpose in your life. Your life is busy and something like a patterned bowl for your keys or a tray for your mail can bring practicality and style.

A place to sit (if possible)

If you’re lucky and your small entry is positioned well, you may have space for a place to sit and put your shoes on before heading out the door. Use this opportunity to add a piece that really brings interest.

I hope this list gives you some guidance on what you can do with your small entry. Even if it’s just a wall and not a traditional “entry”, you can still make a good impression on your guests and create a space you love coming home to.


 P.S.- I thought about adding “coat rack”. However, in reality, they never look like the pretty pictures you see on Pinterest and Instagram. They usually end up looking like a hot mess. So, unless you are super tidy or love the lived-in look, I say skip it. Store those coats in the closet….or on a bed like we do on Thanksgiving and Christmas. (I kid.) LOL