5 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Decor This Month

If you’re like me, sometimes you look around at your decor and…. the thrill is gone. The throw pillows that once made you feel warm and fuzzy inside are now yawn inducing. You’ve lived with the same decor for a while now and it’s just not doing it for you anymore. Come on, girl (Or guy. Boys are welcome, too 😉). You know it’s time to break up.

Most of us can’t afford to completely redecorate our homes every few years. However, with just a few tweaks, you can make your decor feel brand new. Let me show you how to fall in love again.

1.      New Textiles

You can make the same old sofa look like new with some new pillows and a throw. This doesn’t have to be an expensive update. You can find some beautiful pillows at Deny Designs, Target, World Market, or Allmodern.


2.      Add trim to your existing drapery

Adding trim to your drapery can change the whole look of your windows. For such a small cost, this really makes a big impact. Pickup some trim from Joann’s or Fabric.com and get this done over the weekend. And if you aren’t into sewing, you can use hem tape to attach the trim.


3.      Switch out your art work

Even our favorite photos or pieces of art can sometimes get to be boring after a while. Switching it up every now and then can help to keep things fresh. Check out Minted, Society6, and Art.com for cool art prints.


4.      Get a new rug!

Rugs can get dingy and stained over time. If it’s time for you to update your area rug, it can change the entire color palette of your space. I love RugsUSA. They have a great selection and are nearly always having a great sale.


5.      Paint your old dresser/console/etc. and add interesting hardware

Turning something old into something new is not only fiscally responsible, it also ups the interesting factor in your space. If done well, spaces with a nice mix of old and new pieces tend to look more put together and interesting. Check out the cool hardware pieces from CB2 and Anthropologie.


Don’t forget that switching it up when the season changes is also a way to keep the spark alive in your home decor romance. Any good relationship requires work. Don’t let your love die.