Beautiful Ikea Kitchens

I mentioned recently that, this year, my husband and I sold our house and bought a condo. The building was built in 1983 and our unit appears to have stayed pretty much the same since. Yikes. 80’s floral print wallpaper is an ever-present friend in our little home, but I’m slowly updating. Soon the only 80’s relic left in the place will be me (and my husband). 😊

One of the main things in dire need of updating is the kitchen. And after a lot of thought, I decided to go with kitchen cabinets from…..IKEA. Yep, no cabinet snobs over here.

I’ve seen some very well-done IKEA kitchens. Since we don’t plan on being in this condo long term, this seems like the perfect solution for us. Here are just a few inspiring and drool-worthy IKEA kitchens.

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The last picture actually features IKEA cabinets with Semihandmade cabinet fronts. I seriously adore their designs. Changing the cabinet door and drawers is a great way to get a custom look at a lower cost. I love this option and I’m considering it for my kitchen. I’ll update you on my plans… as soon as I make some. ;-)

Have you done a kitchen remodel with IKEA cabinets?? Let me know, in the comments, which line you used and how you like the results.