Simple Christmas Decorating in a Small Space

I mentioned in my last post that my husband and I recently sold our house and bought a smaller condo. We downsized about 1000 square feet. So, I had to get rid of A LOT of stuff. I had three Christmas trees… I know. I know. But I love Christmas so much. 😊

Now that the Thanksgiving feast is over (except for leftovers. I love leftovers.) I’m thinking about my décor for this year and how I want to keep it simple and not buy anything (much) new. So, I took to my favorite search engine, Pinterest, in search of some simple Xmas décor inspiration.

Simplify your garland

I love these examples of subdued garland looks. It still gets you in the spirit, but with a little less in-your-face-ness.


Keep your tree decorations minimal

I love a Scandinavian Christmas. As stated in this post. The simplicity is modern and sophisticated and casual at the same time. You could borrow from this style by pairing down your tree’s decorations.


Use solid color wrapping paper

Paper in one (or even two) solid colors keeps the eye from jumping around from all that’s going on in and under the tree. This will help keep your space from feeling overstuffed.


Decorate with glass

Use glass bottles or mason jars that you already have if possible to create an open and airy space.


Keep your color palette neutral.

A neutral color scheme can keep the space from feeling cluttered and overwhelming. And it’s just cozy and sophisticated.


Keep it minimal

Keeping your decorations to a minimum will reduce the visual and physical clutter in your space. Be intentional with the decorations you do bring in and you will enjoy them even more.


Being in a smaller space may bring it’s challenges, but holiday decorating shouldn’t be one of them. Use these tips and you can still enjoy trimming the tree without feeling like you’re sharing the sofa with your Douglas Fir.

Happy Decorating ;-)