Seasonal decor...Without breaking the bank

Spring is here in full force and Summer is peeking around the corner. I don't know about you, but for me, with the change of seasons comes a change in attitude. I feel peppy-er (new word. You're welcome. :) I'm ready for sundresses and fruity cocktails. The days are sunnier and longer, and I'm itching to fill them with all the things that make me feel summery. 

When it comes to decor, there are definitely ways to bring those summertime feelings indoors. Here are a few tips on how to give your home a refresh without spending all your margarita money. (That would be tragic.)

Lighten Up!

A great way to lighten up your color palette without actually painting or buying new furniture, is to buy a few new bright pillows and throws. You'd be surprised how big of a difference something so small can make. Target and TJ Maxx are great sources for affordable textiles.

$24.99 Source:  TJMaxx

$24.99 Source: TJMaxx

$24.99 Source:  Target

$24.99 Source: Target

$49.99 Source:  Target

$49.99 Source: Target

Let the Sun in!

Take advantage of the extra daylight. If you have to be indoors, let the sun in! If you're like me, you don't like nosy neighbors watching you devour sour patch kids in your house dress. No worries. You don't have to pull back the drapes completely. One way to let in some extra light while still maintaining your privacy is to switch out heavy curtains/drapes for a white/light colored linen blend drape. 

$14.99 Source: Ikea

$14.99 Source: Ikea

$24.99 Source:  Target

$24.99 Source: Target

Switch it Up!

A lot of times we don't think to switch out our family photos. The great thing about doing this seasonally is that you can rediscover pictures each season. I think you gain a greater appreciation for the photo and the experience. Try swapping out photos for some summertime candids (new and old.) 

Accessories can also get a little stale and boring if you don't switch them up every now and again. This is also a good way to lighten up the color palette. Bring in accessories in white or bright colors to liven up the space. This can be done inexpensively via Target, TJ Maxx, Ikea, thrifting, shopping at your Mom's house :-) , etc. 

$4.99 Source:  Ikea

$4.99 Source: Ikea

$59.99 Source:  Target

$59.99 Source: Target

If you've never switched up your decor for the season, I hope this little guide gets you excited for summer decorating. (Don't forget to save some cash for margaritas.)