What's all the Rumpus??

I recently did a redesign of an already awesome rumpus room. The kids are getting older and the space just needed a little growing up. The resulting design is a fun, modern, comfortable space that will grow with them over the next several years. Shoot, I like it for myself. ;-)

I included fun, bright, neon paper sorters and pen cups for a craft wall that would reflect the young vibrant energy of a preteen/teen.

Awesome sculptures by artist Dan Lam will sit on shelves and bring visual and tactile interest. I'm fascinated by Lam's work and was excited when I found it for this space. 

I kept the table and chairs simple and modern to reflect the space. I love the openness that the lucite chairs provide. They will be in front of the craft wall and I wanted the bright neon colors to read through and be a focal point in the space. 

The Octopus light fixture is definitely one of my favorite elements in the space. It's fun and modern, but also unobtrusive in the white color.

I'm so pleased with how this design turned out and I hope the young clients enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing it.