Modern Eclecticism

What is it?

Since we humans have a tendency for labels…Here’s the long and the short of it:

Modern (mid century modern often) with a bit of everything. I’ve noticed a lot of ME lovers, like myself, tend to pair “ethnic” (African, southwestern, Moroccan [in Africa, I know] etc.) patterns and furnishings with clean line modern furniture. These colors, patterns and textures give warmth to the space and make it feel just plain homey. ME isn’t sticking to just one (or even two!) styles. I wouldn’t say that anything goes, but rules aren’t especially welcome in spaces like this. You could find industrial, bohemian, traditional, and global influences all in one home.

Here are a few spaces that I’d slap the Modern Eclectic label on (since we’re doing that)…

All of these spaces incorporate several design styles and highlight the reasons I love Modern Eclectic design. It's stylish, fresh, casual, and comfortable.