It's Friday and I'm Feeling...Dressers as Bath Vanities

Happy Friday, y'all!! (Had to put a little Texas in there. ;-) 

Friday through Friday (Also known as: "Everyday") I am feeling dressers as bathroom vanities! A vintage piece can be turned it into something completely new and current. The leggy-ness of Mid Century pieces, in my opinion, make them perfect candidates for vanity transformation. My obsession with Mid Century furniture is not a secret to anyone who knows me. So, of course this post will include a bit of that. However, so many different styles will work. It's all up to you. 

Without further ado, please enjoy the eye candy. (And be sure you check out the end of the post for links to some great tutorials on how to DIY one of these beauties yourself.)

If you are like me and think you can DIY anything you set your mind to (Also known as: "Overconfident in my handy-woman skills") check out the links to some super helpful tutorials here and here. I wish you joy and good DIY fortune.