Trendy Trendy...Green

Trendy. Why is that a bad word? Many designers will tell you that following trends is a no-no. I get it. Pink bathrooms may be trendy today, but are you really gonna love them in 5 years?? Probably not.

In that way, following trends can be expensive and maybe not the best idea. A good rule of thumb if you see a trend that you love: Follow it in doses and applications that aren’t going to break the bank if you change your mind later.

Here’s one trend that I’m currently loving…




I love the depth and drama this hue adds to a space. Paired with crisp white or bold patterns it creates instant interest. And it's nothing a little paint can’t cure if you get sick of it, right?

If an entire wall of green is too much for you, but you still want to incorporate it into your space; try live plants. (Or fake ones. No judgement here. Just make sure they’re high quality. And please dust, dust, dust!)

I happen to think we could all use a little green. In our homes, wallets, and smoothies. Are you loving this trend, too?