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I was formally educated in interior design in Chicago, but started my design journey long before that. Like many designers, I started in my childhood bedroom. My early space plans were done in spiral notebooks with #2 pencils. And I fleshed out ideas by calling my mom at work to ask her opinion 37 times in a day. Sorry Mom. ;-) My love of design grew as I studied in the great architectural city of Chicago. I’ve since worked in office, hospitality, and residential design. My approach to design is to create spaces that feel fresh, modern, warm, and curated. I have a love of aesthetic, but most of all a love of creating spaces that just make you feel good.

Some quick and random personal facts…. I’m a wife and also a new mom to a beautiful and wild baby girl. I love good food. I’ve been nicknamed both “Yum-Yum” and “Hungry” because I’m always eating. My guacamole is delish. I’d eat avocado toast everyday if I could. Plants are life and I acquire more each year. Most of them I don’t kill. I’m trying my hand at growing veggies and herbs. Right now, I have tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, basil, etc. I’d love to get an avocado tree. So, I can… (you guessed it)… make guacamole. ;-)

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The Life at Home is a lifestyle blog born from my love of design and the many aspects of what makes a home a home. From DIY’s, design inspiration, art, interior trends and more, I share my passion for living and creating a beautiful home. I want to make content that I love, but also that you love. So, comment on posts or email me and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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Cris Williams Interiors is a full-service interior design studio formed in 2016. Focusing on residential and small office design, CWI serves Houston and the surrounding areas. E-design services are available for the DIY-er that needs help with direction but wants to execute the design themselves. A full list of services is available on the “Work with me” page under “Services”.